Our Services, and how we can help

We offer a full range of Building and Architectural Services on all building types. The main ones are listed in the Services submenu on the left.

Responding to your needs

Appleby Petfield Limited aims to provide you with a friendly personal service to suit your property needs.

We understand that your property is important to you whether it is owned, leased or rented.

We are able to provide a range of services to assist with the purchase, maintenance, improvement or disposal of your property asset.

We are experienced in dealing with all types of property, both residential and commercial, whether repairs to a rented flat or maintenance of a property portfolio.

We are experienced in dealing with homeowners, tenants, private, commercial and social Landlords and understand the needs associated with each.

We are constantly reviewing the range of services we off to ensure we are best able to meet the needs of our clients.

The Directors are members of the RICS with a minimum of 12 years experience.

Appleby Petfield offers a wide range of services to suit your property needs.

We offer pre-purchase advice in the form of valuation inspections (residential) and surveys of all types of property.

Maintenance, improvement, alteration and extension of the property is covered by inspection, architectural design advice, followed by the preparation of plan, specifications or schedules and the attainment of the necessary approvals.

We can manage the construction and financial control, building a team with the client, contractor and specialists to achieve the project aim.

We can assist when damage occurs to the property. We can put in hand the repair of property, whether by maintenance or for insurance.

We can assist with the changing property legislation imposed particularly on the commercial property owners and tenants. We undertake Asbestos surveys, and can provide management plans. We can undertake DDA inspections and provide a schedule of works required. We can provide Party Wall advice where works are being carried out on or close to the party line.