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Health and Safety Coordinator

Under recent changes within the CDM Regulations is that the role of Planning Supervisor has now ceased and a new role of Health and Safety Co-ordinator created, but in broad terms is similar to the Planning Supervisor.

There is a legal duty for a person undertaking building work to employ a Health and Safety Co-ordinator where work falls into the following category.

  1. 30 days
  2. 500 man hours
  3. Demolition.

The Health and Safety Co-ordinator however is not required where work is being carried out by a residential property owner on his own property although notification to the Health & Safety Executive with a Form F10 is still required.

If any part of the property is used for other than a residential purpose, then a Health and Safety Co-ordinator may be required.  This may apply to properties being let or used for business purposes.

The primary role of a Health and Safety Co-ordinator is to coordinate and ensure that matters relating to Health & Safety on a project, from design to final demolition, can be carried out in a safe manner.

This will involve the preparation of a Health & Safety Plan prior to any building work being undertaken and will take account of the design and construction of the proposed building, extension or alteration.

During the construction phase, the building contractor (principal contractor) will coordinate matters of health and safety on site taking account of the design and proposed construction of the property, along with the matters contained in the Health & Safety File.  Notification of construction should be given to the Health & Safety Executive under a Form F10.

On completion of the proposed works, a Health & Safety File needs to be prepared by the Health and Safety Co-ordinator to take account of the building alteration or extension, as complete, incorporating certificates, guarantees and maintenance aspects.

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