Health and Safety Coordinator


The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, also known as CDM Regulations or CDM 2015, which came into force on 6 April 2015, are regulations governing the way construction projects of all sizes and types are planned in the UK.

The legislation requires the Building owner to appoint the required personnel for the project and the design team sit with similar responsibility.

The regulations apply to most building projects with few exceptions. Whilst earlier legislation focussed on larger projects to reduce site deaths and injuries, and this was successful, the focus is now on smaller projects where  safety concerns remain.

Your construction project is notifiable if it will take longer than 30 working days, and at any point, will have more than 20 workers on the site. A working day is any day where work is taking place. If you work Saturday morning just for a couple of hours, that’s a working day.

There is a legal duty for a person undertaking building work to employ a Health and Safety Co-ordinator where work falls into the following category.

The primary role of the legislation is to ensure that matters relating to Health & Safety on a project, from design to final demolition, can be carried out in a safe manner to reduce the risks of injury and death. This is through the life time of the property and includes maintenance work.

The role is performed by specialists, and we can provide guidance on what is needed for clients if required. We do  not perform the Health and Safety Coordinators role specifically but will liaise with the H&S team as part of design work we undertake.