Party Wall Matters


Appleby Petfield Ltd can provide services under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

Agreement under the Act is needed for any work that directly impacts a party wall between dwellings or a party floor, usually between flats.

We are able to act for either the building owner(the person undertaking the work) or the adjoining owner(s) (the neighbouring owner(s) and can provide services as a third Surveyor if necessary. We can also act as a Agreed Surveyor, acting for both the building and Adjoining owners simultaneously. Our responsibility under the Act is to the wall and not the owners.

Adjoining owners can be Landlords AND tenants of flats and in a building split into flats, there can be multiple adjoining owners.

We are experienced in undertaking Party Wall matters for both residential and commercial clients and for mainly minor building works.

The Party Wall etc Act affects most works carried out on to, or adjacent to, boundaries between Adjoining Owners.  Even if no physical boundary exists, notification and an award under the Party Wall etc. Act may still be required.

We aim to reach agreement between parties, and this can be achieved by letter and there is no reason why an adjoining owner cant agree to the work identified in a Notice.

Dissent to a Notice will trigger the need for an award and the process that follows. The Party Wall Act applies country wide, and any relevant work is affected under the Act. It is an offence to commence work that would require an award without first obtaining agreement with the adjoining owner(s)

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