Dilapidation Inspections


Appleby Petfield are experienced in acting for either Landlords or Tenants in respect of dilapidations negotiations during or at the end of a lease.

Our services cover an inspection of the premises in conjunction with examination of the lease, making an inspection of the relevant items on behalf of a Landlord or a counter inspection on behalf of a Tenant where a schedule has been served.

Appleby Petfield are able to price the works required or to negotiate rates where acting on behalf of a Tenant.

Dilapidations schedules are prepared and negotiated on the basis of the Law Reforms in conjunction with current law and good practice.

Dilapidations under an interim schedule are an assessment of the extent of repair that may damage the reversion (the later value) of the property if not undertaken under the lease terms. This does not include all aspects of repair, but general items relating to value.

Dilapidations under a terminal schedule are essentially a claim for damages where a tenant cannot of has not complied with the terms of the lease.

In all cases, being able to negotiate a suitable settlement between the parties without resorting to legal proceedings is encouraged.

Please contact Appleby Petfield to discuss your specific requirements.