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Keeping the water out

At this time of year and over the Winter, the condition of a building envelope is tested by the wind and rain. If it leaks, the weather will find it, and decay will set in.

Check the building fabric regularly and repair what is needed. Here is a handy check list:-

  1. Check and repair flashings around chimneys and at roof junctions.
  2. Check the roof covering and repair/replace damaged tiles or slates.
  3. Check for broken, damaged or blocked rainwater goods and repair/replace these.
  4. Repair badly damaged pointing/brickwork/rendering or claddings.
  5. Check and repair/replace seals around windows and doors.
  6. Check pavings against the building to keep levels away from and below damp-proof course.

If water enters the building fabric it will cause decay to timbers and internal finishes. This could result in wet and dry rot. Covering and ‘hiding’ damp will never be a good policy and repair is needed to prevent water coming in.

To the right are examples where repairs are needed.