Buildings Insurance Assessment



It is a sensible course of action for all buildings, whether residential or commercial to be insured against loss or damage.  This is usually a requirement of mortgage lenders.

Appleby Petfield Limited can undertake an assessment of the reinstatement value of the building for insurance purposes. If a full reinstatement valuation is carried out, an inspection of the building fabric is made including measurements to identify its area. An assessment is made on the basis of the RICS/BCIS guidelines.

The BCIS guidance and costs are updated monthly, and we access tis information by subscription.

Each assessment is bespoke to the property and includes a number of key elements of data. This generally covers the size, type and age of the property, its specific features and services provision. The assessment also includes outbuildings, grounds and boundaries.

A level 2 (Homebuyers) Survey, with valuation, includes an Insurance assessment.

These can be added to other types of survey or carried out on a bespoke basis for insurance renewal as may be needed.


Assessment and Claims

Unfortunately, there are times when a building may be damaged. In such instances remedial repairs need to be put in hand in conjunction with the insurance company and a Loss Adjuster.

Appleby Petfield are able to liaise with Loss Adjusters and act on their behalf in identifying the extent of work required prior to preparing a schedule of the necessary work and negotiating this with the Loss Adjusters and insurers.

Appleby Petfield are able to arrange for competitive tenders to be obtained for the works required and monitor those works through to completion including financial control. Appleby Petfield can also undertake secondary negotiations in respect of loss of rent, temporary premises and temporary works.

Please contact Appleby Petfield to discuss your specific requirements.