Due Diligence Inspections (Commercial Building Surveys)


A commercial building survey is a full inspection of a relevant business premises, albeit for purchase on a freehold or leasehold basis depending on the circumstances.

A commercial survey covers more aspects than a residential building survey over and above the building fabric.

Where a property is leasehold a copy of the lease would usually be required prior to making the inspection to allow us to identify specific areas of concern relating to the lease both from a management view point and future dilapidation/repairing liability.

A Due Diligence Inspection is a visual inspection of the external and internal elements of the building fabric and structure. The extent will also depend on the ownership and responsibility for the property moving forward. From the inspection made, we are able to determine the construction and condition of the elements of the property as far as possible. Our survey report informs you of the construction and condition of the building fabric, the extent and type of remedial repair required, or the extent of further investigation or other advice required.

Building services are inspected on a visual basis only with reported comments linked to the extent of inspection possible, the age and type of equipment, again identifying any further advice or inspection necessary.

Inspection is made to all visible elements inside and out, services and outbuildings grounds and boundaries. Each is reported on as far as the inspection allows in each case.

A commercial survey can be offered at different levels and can include specific inspections (by consultants for services, mechanical and electrical equipment, means of escape, asbestos and DDA etc) as may be needed.

The extent and type of additional inspections will depend upon the particular building involved and the basis upon which the survey is being made.

Please contact Appleby Petfield to discuss your specific requirements.