Residential Valuations

Appleby Petfield are able to undertake residential valuations to identify a value to suit specific requirements. Valuations are carried out on the following basis.

  • Prospective purchase
  • Probate (Inheritance Tax Valuation)
  • Shared ownership
  • Matrimonial division
  • Forced sale
  • Investment/out turn
  • Relocation valuations

All valuations are carried out in accordance with the current edition of the RICS Assets Valuation Standards (known as the “Red Book”).

Appleby Petfield can also carry out valuations on behalf of lending institutions using their specific formats, if required.

Appleby Petfield also have Quest Dataweb Software and can take instructions via Quest, which in turn has a direct link to individual lenders.

Appleby Petfield also subscribe to Rightmove SCT for online valuation and comparable information.