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Rainwater, Gutters and Drains

As we move forward into spring, now is a time to consider aspects of general maintenance for the spring/summer period particularly given damage which may have occurred from the recent snow fall and heavy rains.

One aspect of particular importance is maintenance of gutters and rainwater goods.

It is important to ensure these are in good condition and can adequately carry rainwater to downpipes and drains.

Regular maintenance, cleaning and repair of joints is necessary.

Failure to maintain gutters in good and substantial condition can cause damage to the external building fabric including moisture penetration and erosion of pointing as well as softening of areas of ground close to the building which potentially can cause foundation failure.

The series of photographs to the right may act as a reminder:

1. Snow damage to guttering on commercial property

2. Damage to ceilings and walls from blocked valley gutter

3. Blocked gutter with poor falls leaking over a number of years

4. Damaged decorations and potential timber decay and poorly maintained guttering at roof level

5. Poorly maintained and fitting guttering

6. Clogged guttering to different roof levels on the rear of a residential property