Asbestos Surveys


Under the Control of Asbestos at Work Act 2002 there is a legal duty for commercial property owners (either freehold or those with long leases) to hold information at the property, regarding the content of materials used in the construction of the building, and particularly whether asbestos based materials are present.

Such information is required to safeguard both direct employees and sub-contractors who may be at risk from the use of/or work on the building.

Appleby Petfield do not now carry out formal Asbestos Surveys although Andie holds qualifications relating to the legislation and has undertaken these in the past.

We can offer advice as to the process to follow and can review documents with you.

We are experienced in identification of asbestos based products and their likely locations and endeavour to cover this aspect within our surveys and give the guidance for next steps.

All commercial properties and common parts to multi-tenanted residential buildings should by now have had an asbestos survey carried out under the Control of Asbestos at Work Act 2002.  This is a legal requirement. Not all properties have the required documents despite the age of the legislation. The documents produced should be reviewed and actioned regularly.

Please note that it is a criminal offence for the information not to be available for inspection.  It is important that a suitable survey is carried out by a suitably qualified person where one has not previously been undertaken or the documentation is missing. Any changes to circumstance (i.e. removal or damage) should be recorded and the document updated.

Appleby Petfield can provide advice on inspections and/or documents on behalf of any party who may require an inspection.  Please be aware that if no inspection has been undertaken, this may not show until such time as a sale or transfer of release is required, for which provision of appropriate documentation may be required by legal advisors.


Summary of Requirements


Asbestos surveys are undertaken in one of two categories known as Asbestos management survey or a Refurbishment and demolition asbestos survey.

An Asbestos management survey is the type required by any relevant business premises (and some residential properties) to meet the legislation. This type updates the previous type 1 and 2 surveys.

A Refurbishment and Demolition asbestos survey, as the name suggests is necessary if the building is due to be demolished or if significant building work is undertaken on part of an existing building. This involves a much greater amount of disturbance and is very invasive.

Please contact Appleby Petfield to discuss your specific requirements.