General Repair and Maintenance

In recessionary and slow economic times, the pressures of expenditure on maintenance remain whilst the funds diminish.

It is important however, that aspects of property maintenance are undertaken where possible, particularly relating to issues of health and safety and imminent failure.

Whilst regular and routine maintenance may seem a chore if it is undertaken effectively then long term maintenance costs will be reduced as will the risk of injury or damage.

This is particularly important to commercial Landlord/Tenants where there is a duty of care to tenants/employees respectively.

Attached are a series of photographs which show areas where relatively simple maintenance is necessary to avoid hazards or significant defects occurring.

Make sure electrical wiring is safe to use.

Make sure piping and insulation is provided and maintained in good condition.

Make sure drains and gulleys are maintained in good condition and repaired to prevent leaks and damage.

Make sure light fittings and wiring is maintained in sound condition.

Investigate any cracks or building movement and advise building insurers if necessary.

Ensure boiler and other gas or oil fired appliances are maintained and serviced at least annually.

Investigate causes of dampness and undertake remedial repair to prevent timber decay etc.

Clear blocked gulleys and drains to ensure adequate and free flow of water.

Maintain boundaries and access ways in good condition including alignment and position of fences.

Maintain external claddings and facings to prevent water ingress and repair and maintain water goods.

Maintain pathways and paved areas in good and sound condition to prevent slips, trips and falls.

Repair and overhaul roof coverings, checking pointing to ensure a sound and water tight structure

Ensure adequate and proper ventilation of kitchen, bathroom and other wet areas to prevent a build up of condensation.

Prepare and maintain windows, doors and other external joinery to prevent damage and decay.