General Maintenance

Any property whether residential or commercial, and no matter how old requires some degree of maintenance. Maintenance is important to keep a property in the best possible condition. Properties can quickly deteriorate with a lack of maintenance which is both unslightly and more costly to put right. In extreme cases, failure of building elements can occur possibly leading to injury or worse.

The older a building and the more complicated structure, the more complex and more frequent the requirement for maintenance. A recently constructed building requires limited maintenance whilst a historic Listed Building requires a greater extent of maintenance on a more regular basis.

On commercial property it is important that maintenance is undertaken both to comply with the terms of the lease and to maximise the ‘enjoyment’ of the building by its occupants. With commercial buildings where there is a greater responsibility and a duty of care to employers and the public and the like, maintenance should be carried out on a regular basis also.

On a residential property routine maintenance should be carried out regularly to ensure that all services and building elements operate satisfactorily and to prevent deterioration of the building fabric. This will be a benefit at the time of remortgage or resale.

The organisation of a maintenance regime can be assisted by the use of a Planned Maintenance Programme (PMP) which identifies the areas where maintenance is required, the importance and urgency of that maintenance and the approximate cost at the time the schedule was produced.

The PMP can assist in the planning of maintenance, usually on a 3/5 year cycle to allow business to budget for repairs that are both urgent and that are likely to occur in the future.

Appleby Petfield are happy to discuss maintenance requirements with you and provide assistance in preparing a PMP and discussing your maintenance and repair regime