Small Acreage Agricultural Consultant Management

Harry has joined the team in recent months, Harry has a BSc (Hons) in Agricultural management From the Royal Agricultural University. Harry is a passionate and active member of the agricultural community, he has 10 years practical experience in the field, ranging from animal husbandry to arable cropping and environmental aspects, allowing him to combine his practical skills and industry knowledge, allowing you to make the most effective management decisions.  Harry is able to assist and advice on all elements of your holding or farm. Get in touch for a free initial visit. 

General Advice and Agricultural Practice Advice

Given where we are situated in the world Appleby Petfield had a number of clients with small acreages and land associated with their properties and required advice on the management and running of the land. Harry is able to assist in this, producing management plans, advising on grass, hedgerows, possible grant funding and agricultural payments, assisting with enterprise establishment such as a sheep flock, sourcing materials and labor using his vast network. Harry is also able to work with existing enterprises suggesting methods to improve efficiency, profitability and reducing ecological impact. Working in conjunction with others within Appleby Petfield we are able to assist with planning on your holding, this may be for domestic or for farm diversification. We focus on smaller holdings, new entrants small holdings and lifestyle farms allowing you to make the best of your site.

Soil Sampling

Our soil sampling service allows you to make the most of your site, allowing you to reduce your inputs and take a targeted approach. Soil sampling is a requirement to apply inorganic fertiliser or manure to your land, in the UK, with a minimum requirement of testing every five years. All samples are analised by YARA. Harry is able to assist you in interpreting results. Harry is currently undertaking FACTS training allowing him to advice professionally on fertliser and nutrient inputs.

Grant and Financial Support Advice

We are able to provide assistance and support with grants applications and meeting Grant requirements. We are able to assist you with funding opportunities and funding streams for landowners, in line with current legislation, schemes, and options as well as some other funding streams.  

Agricultural Legislation

We are able to assist with compliance with current agricultural legislation and advise on compliance. 

*Any and all legistlive advice and compliance (or lack thereof) is the responsibility of the landowner and any and all final decisions are that of the landowner*

Management Plans

A management plan is essential for farm planning and effective management the farm business we are able to assist with production of management plans for different aspects of your farm business allowing you to make the most out of your property. To plan record and improve. 

Project Assistance

We are able to assist you in varying capacity’s with ongoing or new projects from project planning to sourcing materials and/or contractors.  Harry has many years practical experience, working within Agriculture, Viticulture, Amenities and other related industries.  He has Tickets for telehandler, sprayer, quadbike, health and safety at work, and safe control of rodents, as well as a Shotgun Certificate. 

Livestock and Grassland Utilisation Advice

Utalising the grass you have available is vital to your farm and allowing you to stock appropriately. Allowing you to be productive and profitable, we are able to discuss grazing options with you to improve grassland quality and yield utilisation and regrowth as well as other options. 


Whilst arable is not our key focus, we are able to give small scale arable advice if you have small areas of arable. 

New Entrants 

We are able to assist when you may be setting up your new small farm, small holding, or utalising other land you may hold. We are able to walk you through legislation,  general practice, livestock care and many other factors. 

Holding Establishament Assistance

If you are new to land holding or farm ownership we are able to assist with the establishment of a new small farm or smallholding. We are able to advice on legislation requirements, agricultural regulations, holding management, livestock and grazing advice, benchmarking  and best practice.  We can also advice on Countryside Stewardship Opportunities, Agricultural funding and grant opportunities. We can assist in Holding Management Plans and assist with record keeping requirements.


Established Holding Assistance

If you have an existing established holding we can assist you with management decisions planning, suggestions for development productivity and profitability.  As well as assisting with management plans and general holding assistance.  We can assist with grazing planning and grassland, record keeping advice and legislation advice. Including NVZ advice.