Latest News August 2010

Summer is here, the world cup is decided and Christmas is fast approaching!

We have moved office within the same building so you are welcome to come and see us in our new environment.

Business levels have picked up from 2008 but are not yet back to the levels of 2007. The outlook is improving as we and the economy move forward out of recession.

After the prolonged dry spell we have had several enquiries from property owners regarding subsidence. If you have experienced building movement, we are able to assist with structural advice and a course of action for repair via your insurance company.

State of the Market

The property market has stagnated a little in the second quarter of the year and price falls are appearing.

The general election in May affected the majority of property decisions and some of these have perhaps been further deferred by the state of the economy and in particular the state of the Country’s finances and debt burden.

With the summer holidays approaching the property market will tend to slow with the hope that it will pick up again in the autumn and the urge to, ‘be in before Christmas’.

We are building our portfolio of business clients and assisting in their property needs on both existing and new premises.