Review of 2018

2018 has seen an increase in workload across the different aspects that we cover.

Valuation instructions through our partner organisations have continued to increase whilst instructions for Planning and Building Control Approvals have maintained a steady growth.

Theresa Wheele joined us in July and has embarked on her RICS APC journey, aiming to become fully qualified in Spring 2021.

Theresa is able to assist with many aspects of our work and we welcome her to the team with her excitement and enthusiasm for an emerging career path.

We are expanding business into different areas. We joined Upshoot in mid-2018, an online enquiry portal having been allocated Sussex as our core area.

We continue to work with many of our longstanding existing clients from individuals, businesses and website-based portals to provide services in key areas across Sussex and adjacent counties.

In June 2018 Tammy Gooch joined the secretarial team for Felicity. Tammy has taken up the reigns working hard to develop her own skill base. We wish Felicity well and wish to offer our heartfelt thanks for her enthusiasm, drive and dedication over the last 14years.

Sophie, who got married in 2018 will be going on maternity leave herself during 2019 and an opening exists for maternity cover for that period.

Property Market

The property market has been steady during 2018 but values have stagnated and begun to fall away during the course of the year.

There is a mismatch between the expectation of sellers and buyers with properties taking time to sell at a market price. With present uncertainties surround Brexit, the current circumstances are likely to continue for the first half of 2019 beyond which, the movement in the wider economy will dictate how the property market reacts.

It is likely to be a relatively slow year for values although the number of transactions remains healthy.

We all look forward to a positive 2019, continuing to explore avenues for growth and building on our existing service base.