News September 2014

The market has turned and the workload has increased over the last 12-18months.

Improvements have been seen across all sectors in 2013/14. There has been a little fall back in the local market since the introduction of new lending rules, but this is probably for the better, as there was a danger of overheating, even in this neck of the woods.

The late spring/early summer period was quite intense and the level of survey enquiries and instructions increased dramatically. This was maintained over the summer but is now slowing for the autumn.

We have been working on a number of building projects in different sectors and the dry summer has assisted in getting these completed.

We have recently completed a new stables building in Alfriston for a private client. This has been an interesting and exciting project that has had a new range of challenges, not least the very wet winter weather 2013/14.

We are now involved in the completion of the new burial ground for Heathfield and Waldron parish Council following on from the success of the completion of the parish allotments at Theobolds Green, despite the wet winter of 2012/13.

We continue to be involved in providing plans and advice for the Heathfield Show, Le Marche and the Rye horse and Dog Show. We are proud to be associated with and provide sponsorship for these events.

We now are looking to expand staff numbers and grow the business to improve the range of services offered.