Latest News Spring/Summer 2012

With summer approaching and the entry into “double dip” recession, where now for the housing market?

Locally there has been an increase in market activity and we have seen a rise in the number of HomeBuyers and Surveys being prepared.

There appears also to be a rise in the number of purchase valuations being requested compared to remortgages.

There remains an issue with property supply and there are mixed messages in terms of market date. The increase in demand has, more commonly lead to properties being agreed at prices above what would have been expected and particularly at the stamp duty thresholds. Notwithstanding this, prices in general are still falling.

Whether this increase in activity continues remains to be seen but an increase in property supply would certainly be a benefit. The spring/early summer period is important for the property market and at present, signs are positive.

As a practice, we have been working along our local High Street providing refurbished accommodation for Melina Joy Opticians and refurbished offices for Heathfield and Waldron Parish Council as part of their relocation across the road.

We remain active within the town and the locality, but as a practice, cover a wide area of Sussex and Kent with other projects taking us to greater parts of the south east and beyond.